About NGBerger.com

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NGBerger.com is based on a webserver sponsored by the Department of Information Science headed by Prof. Dr. Wolf Rauch in 1999. After 2 years of running a website http://bspr09.kfunigraz.ac.at on a standard PC (Pentium 133 which I upgraded with components from my private funds, Prof Rauch supported the project in order to get faculty funding which SoWi Sprachausbildung was not prepared to apply for in those days.

When SoWi Sprachausbildung was integrated into the Department of International Management, Prof. Dr. Ursula Schneider took a more supportive stance and some upgrades were funded by the Department and Faculty, providing extra storage capacity.

Still, the site benefits to a large extent from the private investment I have made over the years: Apart from the server software including an Internet Information Server and a Realnetworks Media Server, production software has been acquired through private money only.

Due to the international recognition which presentations and workshops at conferences have received, I have been invited to bid for several web-based development projects in both private and public sector institutions. As a result, commercial products have been created in co-operation with York Associates for clients such as Henkel, Germany, and Credit Suisse, Switzerland. these publications are hosted on the York Associates webserver. Intranet solutions of these packages can be tailored to corporate needs, and consulting services can be booked, too.

Academic projects have been carried out with the University of Exeter.  Funds from the Vice Chancellor's Office at K F University supporting new media development have been made available.

All these efforts have contributed to a growing amount of expertise available and showcased on this site. I would be happy to answer any queries regarding solutions and co-operations with both private and public sector organisations worldwide.