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I am in the process of updating the links pages to various online dictionaries. If you have any favourites, let me know and I will include them in the listings! Details to be published before Easter 2003. Until then, please use the details below, even though some links are out-of-date. Sorry.

If you want to run a mono-lingual or bi-lingual dictionary in a separate browser window, select one from below. You will then only need to point your mouse on the task-bar to switch between the browsers with the dictionary and this site without having to reload these pages.

new-ani.gif (26402 bytes)Amongst lots of other useful stuff, ILN Net provide an English dictionary with synonyms, antonyms and lots of other useful stuff. It does not contain special terms but is good for general English.

  Sign up for a testdrive of LHS translation software free! You will then get an email with the details of how you can have your texts translated on-line. I've read some glowing reports and am trying it myself. So let see!

For English-German or German-English translations of words you type in, try Leo's dictionary - it's a replacement for the old Langenscheidt, which has gone off the web.

For other European languages choose from the Web of On-line Dictionaries

For definitions in English of keywords you type in, try Webster's dictionary

For words and phrases with similar meanings, check out Roget's Thesaurus

Thanks to Gerd Steger for providing the following links to free dictionaries and translation services on the WWW:

Eurodic-Autom This is a site where you can select European source and target languages and submit terms and abbreviations for translation. More complex searches are possible too.

Logos is a useful site for translators and if you are looking for specialist terms and expressions in a target country and language.

A Web of Online Dictionaries gives you access to over 600 web-based dictionaries in over 150 languages. This should sort you out!

Dictionaries, on-line translation and links to encyclopedias on the WWW are presented for German speakers at the University of Hannover.

Educational Testing Network offers information on on-line and computer-based tests (including TOEFL, G-MAT), practice questions, as well as references to finance your studies and test.

Languages for travelers is a site that offers language learning materials at basic levels in over 66 different languages to travelers

Edunet's On-line Grammar is a classic and still going strong

For some software to be used at home, try these programmes for free!

For off-line instant translation German-English or English-German at a click of a button, download Make Sense 1.50 free. It's shareware and the installation files go on 7 floppy disks to take home!

For off-line instant translation into German, download Babylon's translator free of charge.

For a directory of market and financial terminology on-line, visit CNBC's Tickerguide.

Friday March 14, 2003