Check your system!

To run the materials on our E-zone successfully, compare your current specs with what they need to be to run all materials successfully.

Your specifications are need to be
current resolution: x 1024 X 768
browser: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox
max resolution: x 1024 X 740
version: 4.0 MSIE 6.0 or higher or Netscape 7 or higher, Firefox 1.6 or higher
color depth: bit 16 bit or higher
code name: Mozilla
platform: win 32
colors: 65536 or higher
java enabled: yes
anti-aliasing fonts: doesn't matter

Netscape 4.x does not display all pages properly! Once Netscape 6 has eliminated some bugs, it will also manage the pages as intended. Until then, we are afraid the Microsoft route is the only reliable solution. Opera browsers have not been tested on the pages yet, sorry.

If your browser does not meet the specs, please upgrade by selecting Internet Explorer 5.5 for your operating system on the Microsoft download site.

Also test your Realplayer: can you hear and see the sample files? If not, download the latest version from! No sound? Check your sound settings: Switch off mute and increase volume on wave output in the sound-card's play control centre which you access by double-clicking the speaker icon on your task-bar usually in the bottom right-hand corner!

Latest update: 07/12/2005

Authored by N.G.Berger