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latest update: Friday, March 14, 2003
  • For this website you need a browser version 5 or higher: I recommend Internet Explorer 5.5, or 6, and Netscape 7. I haven't tested current Opera versions. AOL browsers are not recommended as they display things differently. Check your specs here.

  • Make sure you have RealOne Basic or higher.

  • To create your own vocabulary exercises, download Hot Potatoes and register - it's free. Then send your up-to-date JMatch exercises to NGB. I will then put your flashcard and memory games (thanks to Michael Rottmeier) up on the website where you can find them in the work-records of your class site.

Hot Potatoes

FREEWARE for educational purposes. (I bought a license, as I have been commissioned to create e-learning materials for some companies)

A suite of 6 tools to create interactive web-pages. Current version 6

  • JBC for multiple choice tasks

  • JQuiz for short question and answer tasks

  • JCloze for gap-filling tasks

  • JMatch for all sorts of matching tasks, including Flashcards and memory games.

  • JMix for tasks to rebuild words or text 

  • JCross for crossword puzzles

Can also be used for creating handouts to be printed!

Definitely my favourite! 

Thanks Martin, Stewart and Michael!

Scripts for Hot Potatoes

by Michael Rottmeier.

Michael is very helpful and has written great plug-ins for Hot Potatoe, including Flashcards, Memory, Find it, and Translate it scripts.

Click here for PDF files explaining how to create

Flashcards (you need to download the script, too)

Memory games (script download)


  • A list of links with business English practice materials on-line (presented at a workshop in York on 20.12.2000)

  • You can also find loads of useful English language exercises on the Quia website. Check out the section on languages. 

  • Looking for English expressions for courses studied at our faculty? Check out an old official English version of our curriculum (Studienplan) which lists all subjects and courses. A new version will be available as soon as possible.